Forget about hemorrhoids forever!

Forget about hemorrhoids forever!

Do you have a sedentary job and do you suffer from hemorrhoids? The specialists of the surgical department “Healthy & amp; Happy” know how to help you. Just one procedure, without pain, discomfort and injuries – and the unpleasant disease will be a thing of the past.

Our highly qualified specialists use the most modern method of hemorrhoid treatment – transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization based on suture treatment (THD) .
The operation is performed on an outpatient basis according to the indications of a proctologist.
The main advantages of the technique:

  • weak trauma . With the help of special mini-equipment, surgeons suture the vessels that supply the nodes without removing living tissue. Therefore, there are no wounds, bleeding or prolonged rehabilitation. The THD device is disposable;
  • Performance . The possibility of secondary hemorrhoids is reduced to almost zero;
  • painlessness . General anesthesia is used during surgery, so the patient does not feel any discomfort;
  • speed . The procedure takes 30-40 minutes. A few hours later, the patient can return home, and literally in two or three days – to live a full life and do the usual things.

Transanal hemorrhoidal dearterilization (THD)
in one-day surgery Healthy & Happy – UAH 8,900
(excluding the cost of a single set, preoperative
examination and anesthesia)

You can make an appointment with the proctologist of the MC Healthy & Happy by phone: (044) 501-02-03, or by the form “REGISTRATION”.