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Antoniuk Vitalii
urologist the 2d category, ultrasound specialist

Works at Healthy and Happy

since 2018


Professional urologist will help men to solve erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation problems, choose the best methods of kidney stone disease treatment, as well as consult on infertility issues. His professional duties also include minor surgical procedures.

“In order to solve effectively problems of our patients, I employ modern approaches of conservative and surgical treatment. I keep track of the latest trends in urology, in particular, I consider ultrasound and computed tomography scan to be a promising combination for meticulous patient examination.”


  • 2012 – graduated from Bukovynian State Medical University, medical business.
  • 2014 – internship in “Urology”.
  • 2016 – received an additional specialization in ultrasound (NMAPE named after P.L. Shupyk).
  • 2019 – received the second category in the specialty “Urology”.

Work experience in the relevant field: since 2014

Courses, seminars and trainings:

  • 2015 – a cycle of thematic improvement “Laparoscopic and other minimally invasive technologies in surgery and urology” at Ternopil State Medical University I.Ya. Grbachevsky;
  • 2017 – a cycle of thematic improvement “Current issues of sexology and andrology” at NMAPE. P.L. Shupyk;
  • 2018 – pre-certification cycle in urology;


  • 2018 – “Modern approaches to eliminating the male factor of infertility. Aspects of interdisciplinary interaction of reproductive and urologists”;
  • 2019 – II International Congress “Rational use of antibiotics in the modern world. Antibiotic resistance STOP”, Kyiv;
  • 2020 – “The role of ultrasound in the examination of the scrotum in infertility”;
  • 2020 – “Features of transrectal ultrasound of the prostate”;
  • 2020 – “Obstructive uropathy in newborns and young children.”

List of medical services:

  • Counseling for men and women (collection of complaints and study the history of the disease; visual examination and palpation of male organs: scrotum, genitals, lymph nodes in the groin, women – examination of the urethra; preliminary diagnosis; appointment of additional methods of laboratory and instrumental studies;
  • Recommendations for medical, outpatient or, if necessary, surgical treatment);
  • Consultation of men before planning a pregnancy and assessment of their spermograms;
  • Consultative and diagnostic reception of pregnant women;
  • Surgical treatment for: hydrocephalus; phimosis, paraphimosis, short bridle;
  • Removal of urogenital area by atheroma, papilloma, condyloma;
  • Cystoscopy, bladder biopsy;
  • Carrying out a biopsy of the prostate gland;
  • Ultrasound diagnosis of diseases of the genitourinary system (kidneys, bladder, prostate, transrectal, scrotum);
  • Accompaniment and control of treatment at all stages of therapy.

Treatment of diseases:

  • Pyelonephritis;
  • Cystitis;
  • Urethritis;
  • Prostatitis;
  • Urolithiasis;
  • Sexually transmitted infections;
  • Balanitis, balanoposthitis;
  • Erectile dysfunction;
  • Prostate hyperplasia;
  • Orchitis, epididymitis;
  • etc.



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