SAK Lesia

SAK Lesia

gb Doctors, Psychosomatic medicine

Work experience in the relevant field: since 2010
Commencement of work in clinic: since 2020

In Healthy&Happy Lesia helps patients with eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia, binge eating disorder, metabolic syndrome, etc. These problems are typical for both adults and children with neuroses, which can transform into eating disorders. The cause is usually conflicts at home and school or even kindergarten, traumatic events or parental abuse. In many cases both a patient and his or her family need psychological support. The doctor makes individual meal plans for her patients: calculates necessary amount of nutrients per day depending on the age and somatic health, supervises normalization of eating behavior and provides psychotherapy services to patients and, if necessary, their relatives.

"Mental and physical well-being directly depends on how a person eats. If you begin to eat more or less at some point in life, most often this implies a psychological background and it is worthwhile to get to the bottom of it. Unhealthy relationship with food, for example, overeating, undernourishment or bulimia are dangerous for both physical and mental health. Having encountered them, take care of yourself and immediately consult a psychotherapist".