BRYNZA Alexandr

BRYNZA Alexandr

gb Otolaryngology, Pediatric otolaryngology

otolaryngologist the highest category, pediatric otolaryngologist
Work experience in the relevant field: since 1986
Commencement of work in clinic: since 2013

Professional duty is sacred for this doctor. He specializes in the treatment of inflammatory processes of paranasal sinuses and middle ear diseases. Author of several research works in the field of medicine.

“I work both with little patients and adults. Children require particular attention, because a disease can develop very rapidly in them. I always want to keep abreast of all world’s medical innovations. Computerization, newest endoscopic technologies, surgical trainings with the use of silicone 3D models – otolaryngology is permanently improving. Our medical center gives doctors great opportunities of modern technologies and provides access to all required resources.”