SHMIDT Lyudmila

SHMIDT Lyudmila

gb Pediatrics

pediatrician the highest category
Work experience in the relevant field: since 1991
Commencement of work in clinic: since 2016

Pediatrics requires a doctor to pay special attention, whether it is thorough examination of a child or detailed conversation with parents. For almost 27 years Lyudmila Viktorovna has been carrying out preventive examinations, treating and diagnosing diseases in children and adolescents, she builds easily rapport with her patients.

“In my work the main thing is to have a way with both parents and children. Above all, it is necessary to soothe relatives and set them up for effective treatment. As for children, I develop an approach to them intuitively – when communication looks like a game, it is easier to gain the confidence of little patient and become his or her friend.”