Марина Глеевая Psychiatry, Psychosomatic medicine

Work experience in the relevant field: since 1996
Commencement of work in clinic: since 2019

Over a period of many decades, Tymur Yerkebaievych has combined patient consultations and expanding his professional horizons. Obtaining a degree in General Medicine was only the first step. Then the man has mastered such fields as psychiatry, psychotherapy and medical psychology, methods of treatment of borderline states and psychosomatic illnesses, alcohol and drug abuse prevention and treatment, studied problems of adolescent psychiatry, as well as overweight management methods (Doctor Bormental and Biointermed techniques that imply comprehensive psychobiosocial approach to a problem). It is recommended to turn to the doctor in case of mixed anxiety and depressive disorders, phobias and obsessive-compulsive neuroses, alcohol and gambling addiction and other kinds of addiction. Also the expert deals successfully with children and helps effectively in the capacity of a family psychologist.

“Human mind has very powerful defense mechanisms that push a problem out to the fringe of consciousness. It is not uncommon that psychotherapist becomes the last specialist who a patient consults. Meanwhile, developed countries have understood long ago how important timely psychological counselling is. One can find the evidence of a great role of mental health in the ancient traditions – this explains why humankind sacralized the unity of body, mind and spirit. A person feels happy only when these three elements are integral and in harmony.”