gb Ophthalmology

ophthalmologist the highest category, PhD in Medicine, assistant professor
Work experience in the relevant field: since 1989
Commencement of work in clinic: since 2006

Highly qualified specialist devoted 30 years of her life to the work in the field of ophthalmology. Now Inna Dmytrivna imparts her knowledge to the future generations of doctors and keeps helping patients with retinal pathology, glaucoma and inflammatory ophthalmological diseases.

“I have grown up in the family of doctors, and career choice has been obvious for me since childhood. As for my love of ophthalmology, my mentors fostered it in me. In student years I attended ophthalmologic club. Amazing professor run it, and it was she who made me love this science. Over the years of practice capabilities of the doctors significantly increased, new diagnostic methods appeared, so we can help patients with the most complicated diseases, and diagnostic equipment that is available in the medical center only facilitates this.”