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Derevianko Liudmyla
ultrasound spesialist

Works at Healthy and Happy

since 2020


A professional in his field. Qualified, experienced ultrasound diagnostics doctor. He successfully cooperates with other doctors, participates in establishing a diagnosis for a patient.

"I believe that everyone needs to look for an individual approach: to be able to direct the conversation in the right direction, to show great persistence in order to obtain the necessary information, and sometimes to be gentle. It is also important to explain the essence of the disease and the course of treatment in an accessible way. possible for patients to have a healthy and happy life".

Cervical vessels doppler sonography457,00
Ultrasound test of the lungs and pleural cavities518,00


  • 2000 – graduated from the National Medical University named after O.O. Bogomolets, Faculty of Medical Affairs.
  • 2002 – internship in the specialty “Therapy”.
  • 2017 – received a certificate of a specialist in Ultrasound Diagnostics (NMAPE P.L. Shupyk).
  • 2017 – postgraduate training: specialization in ultrasound (NMAPE P.L. Shupyk).

Work experience in the relevant field: since 2011

Courses, seminars and trainings:

  • regular participant of all-Ukrainian and international profile congresses, symposia and conferences.


List of medical services:

  • Ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity, urinary system, thyroid gland, breast, breast, salivary glands, lymph nodes, soft tissues, scrotum, prostate and lungs;
  • Dopplerography of the vessels of the neck and head.

Age categories of patients:

  • Children from 6 years;
  • Adults.



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