gb Plastic surgery, Surgery

cancer surgeon the 2d category
Work experience in the relevant field: since 2011
Commencement of work in clinic: since 2019

Yuliia Volodymyrivna is an expert in aesthetic surgery. Liposuction, rhinoplasty, mammoplasty, circumferential lift… There are many ways to return beauty, health and self-confidence to women. Besides, the doctor did not leave general surgery practice.

I got an education at the Bogomolets National Medical University, completed an internship and I have been working in the specialty field for more than 9 years. I am convinced that the most important part in this profession is trust between a doctor and a patient. I aspire to find common ground with everyone, always explain everything meticulously and listen carefully. I get inspired when patients have a positive mindset, as in this case the outcome will be great.