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Hrishchenko Albina
neurologist the highest category

Works at Healthy and Happy

since 2008


Albina Anatoliivna has devoted nearly 30 years of her life to the treatment of peripheral nervous system diseases, cerebrovascular pathology, autonomic dysfunctions, migraines and pain syndromes. She has a good command of nerve block technique, carries out electroencephalography.

“During the years of professional activity I have become convinced that medicine is my destiny. I want to help every patient as much as possible, choose optimal methods of treatment so that a patient may overcome pain and return to the active way of life.”

Neurology consultation (adults)610,00


  • 1990 – graduated from Chernivtsi State Medical Institute.
  • 1991 – internship in “Neurology”.
  • 2017 – received the highest category in the specialty “Neurology”.

Member of the All-Ukrainian public organization “Ukrainian Association for Stroke Control”.

Work experience in the relevant field: since 1991

Courses, seminars and trainings:

  • 2018 – Scientific and methodical forum “Neurological readings in memory of D.I. Panchenko”;
  • 2018 – All-Ukrainian School of Neurologists with international participation;
  • 2018 – Seminar “Blockades in back pain”;
  • 2019 – participant of the International Conference “Extrapyramidal diseases: clinic, diagnosis, treatment”;
  • 2020 – participant of the scientific-methodical forum “Neurological readings in memory of D.I. Panchenko”;
  • 2020 – participant of the scientific-practical conference “Non-classical faces of classical diseases”;
  • 2020 – scientific-practical seminar “Modern achievements in the practice of family medicine doctor”;
  • 2020 – scientific-practical conference with international participation “Cognitive disorders and dementia in cerebrovascular and neurodegenerative diseases”;
  • 2020 – participant of the master class “Alarm is your phone number. How to reduce the number of calls”;
  • 2020 – All-Ukrainian scientific-practical online conference for doctors “The Art of Treatment”;


  • 2020 – lecture course “Emergency Neurology”, “Evidence-Based Neurology: Inflammatory, Autoimmune and Rare Diseases in Neurology”, “Pain Syndromes in Neurology” within the series of neurological online conferences School of Differential Diagnosis and Treatment in Neurology”;
  • 2020 – participant of the Ukrainian-American symposium “Neurology and ophthalmology today: collaboration at the junction of specialties”;
  • 2020 – scientific-practical conference with online broadcast “Multidisciplinary approach to cardio-neurological problems”;
  • 2020 – school-training with practical master classes “Headache and cognitive disorders. Complex clinical cases. We diagnose together”;
  • 2020 – scientific-practical seminar: “Modern achievements in the practice of neurologist and psychiatrist”;
  • 2020 – participant of the neurosymposium;
  • 2020 – participant of the scientific-practical conference “All-Ukrainian symposium on treatment of patients of working age: Dnieper conservation studies professional longevity of the working person “.

List of medical services:

  • Consultation reception;
  • Diagnosis and treatment of pathologies of the spine, vascular diseases of the brain, inflammatory, degenerative, demyelinating diseases of the nervous system, autonomic disorders, post-traumatic effects of traumatic brain injury, polyneuropathy of various origins, treatment of pain of various origins, etc.);
  • Carrying out paravertebral blockades for pain relief;
  • Description of electroencephalogram;
  • Diagnosis and treatment based on MRI, CT, ultrasound, EEG;
  • Support and control of treatment at all stages of therapy.

Treatment of diseases:

  • Treatment and prevention of neurological diseases, including the consequences of any injuries with signs of nervous system dysfunction;
  • Treatment and prevention of conditions associated with circulatory disorders of the central or peripheral nervous systems;
  • Treatment and prevention of dorsalgia (neck and back pain);
  • Diagnosis, treatment of paroxysmal conditions: fainting, convulsions, sudden falls;
  • etc.



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