Social responsibility

Healthy & Happy’s activity based on social responsibility principles in relation to clients and the team, as well to society.


We focus not only on treating. Healthy&Happy aims on the diseases prevention. In particular, we organize by own open public events for the early diagnosis of: mammary glands malignant tumors (Pink October), skin malignant tumors (Melanoma Day), heart attacks (Heart Day), as well kidney, gastrointestinal, thyroid diseases, diabetes, glaucoma, varicose problems.


We promote healthy lifestyle and improving the quality of life. Special events for the Children's Day emphasize not only the importance of younger generation health protecting, but also the parents and family impact on the healthy habits development.


The problem of the lack of donated blood in the medical units of Kiev made us the Donor Day as a good tradition.


Despite the fact that we are a private medical business, we support the initiatives of the local authorities and provide discounts for the people of Kiev citizens’ cards (see discount programs).


In order to provide effective emergency medical care, both our medical and non-medical staff participate in a specialized training program.

The list of social projects is expanding day by day. We are becoming the base for clinical trials of new generation medicine, training and practice for medical students; we are creating the first private sports medicine division for professionals and sports enthusiasts.


We are open to consideration of any social initiatives and are ready to implement socially significant projects on the equal rights and responsibility base.