Approved by

The order of the Director of HEALTHY&HAPPY LLC

No 51/1 from June 24, 2019

Reviewed on October 24, 2019


patients' care and stay

This document (hereinafter referred to as the Rules), approved by order of the director of HEALTHY&HAPPY LLC  (hereinafter referred to as the Company), is a regulatory document regulating the specifics of staying, providing and paying for medical, non-medical and other services at Medical Care Centre (hereinafter referred to as MCC).  They have been developed with the purpose of realizing the patients’ rights provided for by law. In addition, they assure creating the most favourable opportunities for providing the patient with medical care services in time, of the proper volume and quality. They aimed to protect the legal rights of other patients, visitors and staff of the MCC also.


1.1. These rules were drawn up in accordance with the acting legislation of Ukraine and apply to all patients, as well as other persons who have applied to the MCC or its separate medical division (branch).

1.2. The relationship between the MCC and the patient (his legal representative) in a part not regulated by these rules is regulated by the acting legislation of Ukraine.

1.3. Any changes or additions to these rules are based on an order of the director of the LLC.


2.1. MCC provides medical services to citizens of Ukraine, other countries and stateless persons who applied to it on their own, were redirected from other health care institutions or insurance companies.

2.2. All medical and other services under the MCC license are provided for a fee in accordance with the approved Price list, which is available in the Consumer Corner or on MCC website.

2.3. Assistance to people in need of emergency medical care is provided free of charge. After emergency medical care, these people can use the medical services of the MCC on standard conditions or choose other medical institutions for specialized medical care.

2.4. Basic information about the patients’ rights is available in the “Consumer Corner”. Clients can obtain additional information during consultations with doctors, in the administration of the MCC, or be informed by request in accordance with acting legislation.

2.5. Information about the acting discount programs is open to all visitors and approved by the LLC director.

2.6. MCC interacts in labour relationship with all doctors, nurse and axillary medical personnel who provide medical (in particular preventive, diagnostic or medical invasions, manipulations, consultations) and non-medical services to clients, and takes responsibility for their actions and results of these actions.

2.7. If necessary, diagnostic tests, as well as medical services, can be delivered or performed by other medical institutions on the base of acting partnerships with MCC.

2.8. Medical interventions begin only on the base of patient or his relatives’ (legal representatives’) consent.

2.9. In urgent cases (in order to save life and health), according to the acting legislation of Ukraine, medical interventions can be provided without the consent of the patient / his relatives (legal representatives).

2.10. Before the treatment, a treatment plan needs to be confirmed by the patient/relatives (his representative). If it is impossible to determine the medical interventions volume immediately, a preliminary treatment plan is developed and confirmed. For objective or subjective reasons, any previously confirmed treatment plan may be adjusted and the patient (his representatives) must be informed of.

2.11. All medical appointments are obligatory recorded and signed by the medical professional.  Client’s consent with them needs to be certified by the patient’s signature.

2.12. A doctor who provides or prescribes medical services is obliged to warn the patient about necessity to contact the MCC if the health condition worsens or does not improve. The patient assumes the responsibility to fulfil this condition aimed to ensure effective treatment.

2.13. If the volume of medical services needs to be adjusted for medical reasons (depends on increasing or decreasing the volume, or methods of treatment, diagnostics, etc.)  the final sum can be changed correspondingly. Patients are informed of such changes in advance.

2.14. The doctor and the MCC are not responsible for the patient’s health in case the patient be away from actual medical prescriptions, recommendations and treatment regime for him.


3.1. Payment for services is carried out after their provision, and by agreement - by prepayment or in accordance with the terms of the contract. The payer for the services can be either the patient himself or others.

3.2. Payment for medical services is made by transferring cash to the MCC cashier officer or by credit card or by transaction to current account of the LDC.

3.3. The MCC cashier officer is obliged to obtain a signature from the client on the statements of provided services delivery. The client’s signature indicates the patient’s consent that the services were provided in time, high-quality and full manner and there are no complaints about the quality of services. Also, the cashier officer is obligated to issue a fiscal document confirming payments to the client.

3.4. If the patient disagrees with the quality level of services were provided he should write an appeal to the MCC director. The appeal will be considered in accordance with the acting legislation. In the case the MCC managerial board recognizes the validity of the claim the decision to return of funds to the customer (full or partially) can be provided.

3.5. Debt collection from patients for the services provided is carried out in accordance with the action legislation of Ukraine.

3.6. MCC may provide medical services at a discount or free of charge by the purpose of charity or promotion.


4.1. The client (the patient, his representatives, family members), staying on the MCC or divisions area, must adhere to such standards:

  • comply with the rules of individual hygiene, cleanliness and tidiness when they are in public places, medical premises;
  • refrain from personal conversations in full voice, mobile calls, watching videos with loud sound during consultation and in public areas;
  • comply with the rules of business etiquette when communicating with other visitors and MCC staff, resolve all disputed issues in a restrained constructive manner;
  • appear at the appointment in time, notify the MCC about possible delays, or visit cancellation in advance;
  • comply with the accepted safety rules, the requirements and instructions of the clinic staff in the event of an emergency.

4.2. On the MCC territory it is strictly forbidden:

  • carry out any entrepreneurial activity without confirmation of MCC managers;
  • be in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication (unless the client requires emergency medical assistance);
  • be in dirty clothes on the territory of the LDC, which may contaminate the medical dresses, accessories or the clothes of other visitors (unless the client requires emergency medical assistance);
  • take your own food and drinks in public areas and medical premises. If urgent food is necessary for medical reasons, the patient can use the dining room for medical staff on the 2d floor (310);
  • consume any drinks containing alcohol;
  • interrupt other patients;
  • bring pets with them;
  • provoke conflicts with other patients or the MCC staff, arrange scandals or fights, use profanity or abuse;
  • carry out unauthorized access to premises, access to which is restricted or prohibited (to take in account the relevant visual warning information);
  • violate public order or commit immoral acts;
  • violate the rules of the internal labour schedule of the MCC.


MCC has the right to refuse to provide a patient with medical services in case of:

5.1. Documented violation of point 4.1 of these rules more than 3 time. In this case, the doctor / nurse for massage, or the medical registrar authorized by them, cancels the appointment and informs the insurance company and the client about this. The patient has the right to make an appointment again on a general basis.

5.2. A duly documented one-time violation of point 4.2.of these rules.

5.3. When licensing restrictions, qualifications of medical personnel or technical equipment do not allow this. In this case, patients can be recommended other medical institutions with appropriate medical services or assistance.

5.4. When a medical service is not available in the current price list, despite the fact that it was provided earlier.

5.5. When, for objective reasons, there is no professional provides these medical services (and the date of possible appointment is impossible to determine).

5.6. If the patient is late by 50% or more of the planned time of admission. The professional in this case has the right to decide to provide the medical services in a reduced format on his own responsibility (he has to inform the client and take his consent). Otherwise - reception is postponed appointment to another time on a common basis).

5.7. In the case when the medical service cannot be finished completely before the end of the MCC working day.

5.8. If the client is away from medical prescriptions, recommendations and treatment regime, if it does not threaten the patient’s life.

5.9. In case of unreasonable refusal to pay for provided medical services (not about providing emergency medical care).

5.10. If the client has past due outstanding debt (more than 1 month).