The HR policy of medical center based on the most fundamental values of our team:

  • Safety. Human health is the most important value, so we trust it only to professionals. Professionalism is the knowledge, skills and successful experience of implementation and practice, responsibility, as well as continuous self-improvement;
  • Quality - all processes - medical and managerial -certified and implement in strict accordance with approved quality standards;
  • Humanity - we treat both body and soul. We strive to treat clients as members of our family, but do not allow familiarity;
  • Teamwork - geniuses solve rare problems of exceptional complexity. Most other decisions are the result of collective brainstorm and interaction;
  • Efficiency - our specialists are adherents of evidence-based medicine. They use only proven and adapted practices and technologies. We try not to make mistakes and prevent them on the previous experience base;
  • Innovativeness - we are open to everything new if it proves its effectiveness in practice;
  • Legality - we act exclusively within the framework of the existing legal field;
  • Openness - we are ready for criticism, advices and suggestions.

We are - doctors, nurses, X-ray technicians, laboratory staff, auxiliary nurses, and non-medical (including administrative) personnel. Our team improves simultaneously with our customers. Our main task is to make people's life better.

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