About Us

Our Diagnostic and Treatment Center began its work in 2002. This date was a starting point for growth and improvement. Over this time we changed greatly: first of all, we got a new name – Healthy&Happy reflecting precisely our aspirations, secondly we expanded the list of directions and specialties, thirdly we established new centers and continue establishing them with due account for the actual market demands, and fourthly we founded our own pharmacy chain. However, our goals and mission have always been the same, i.e. to be of help, safeguard health and comfort of every patient.

Healthy&Happy is a comprehensive high-level ambulatory care. We provide 44-specialty doctor services for adults and children. Our staff is professionals and experts. Among them, there are professors, PhDs in Medicine, people with vast work experience and problem solving skills.

Our life principle: "Integrity, sensitivity and professionalism".

Our doctors are guided by many years of experience and cutting-edge developments in the medical practice. Thus, we guarantee high quality of services and do our best to reach the desired effect as soon as possible.

Main areas:

Consultations for adults

Instrumental diagnostics

Laboratory diagnostics

Outpatient treatment

Consultations for children

One-day surgery


Medical Research Center

Psychosomatic medicine and nevrology

rehabilitation therapy