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  • Tooday, at 18:00

  • Drahomanova str, 1H

  • Consultation of a family doctor
    Sirotkina O. B.

  • Tooday, at 17:30

  • Saksahanskoho str.39-A,

  • Consultation
    of a pediatrician
    Voronyuk T. P.

  • Tooday, at 18:00

  • Saksahanskoho str.39-A,

  • Consultation of an otolaryngologist
    Gusak S. O.

  • Adults services
  • Children services
  • Center for Vertebrology, Rehabilitation, and Psychosomatics
  • Clinical Trials
  • Outgoing services

Adult services

The Healthy & Happy Medical Diagnostic Center offers quality medical services in the most comfortable conditions by reasonable prices for each patient. A full range of medical services in one place and the presence of our own laboratory, modern diagnostic tools, and a chain of pharmacy stores are aimed at quickly and effectively health issues solving.


Children services

The Healthy and Happy Medical Centers network provides consultative, diagnostic, and therapeutic medical services for our little patients. Within modern expert-class equipment, reputable pediatric doctors will be able to quickly and accurately diagnose and prescribe the necessary treatment. Comfortable conditions of stay in medical and diagnostic units allow the doctor to gently and correctly find an approach to each child.

For convenience, each medical center is equipped with an additional “”Mother and Child”” room.

Within the chain of Healthy and Happy centers, in addition to consultations of specialized doctors, you can get scheduled vaccination of children. Preventive visits to the pediatrician will not only prevent the diseases but will also help every child who visits our doctor learn to take care of his health.

Additionally, Healthy and Happy Medical Centers invite everyone to sign a medical declaration for services from a family doctor or pediatrician.


Center for Vertebrology, Rehabilitation, and Psychosomatics

Doctors of the Center of Vertebrology, Rehabilitation, and Psychosomatics Healthy and Happy will help develop rehabilitation and treatment programs for patients with back and joint problems, with conditions caused by stressful situations and mental strain as a result of intense and prolonged mental activity.

Medication, treatment programs using simulators, physiotherapy exercises, kinesiotherapy, therapeutic massages, individual psychotherapeutic sessions – all these methods help each patient not only restore their body but also acquire new useful habits to improve the quality of their life and well-being.


Clinical Trials

The Medical Clinical Research Center at the Healthy and Happy MC is aimed at providing patients with the latest effective medicines. Within the treatment programs, each patient is provided with free diagnostic, medication, and treatment.

We offer treatment for the following nosologies:


Outgoing services

An alternative the getting a required doctor consultation or healthcare unit visit is Healthy and Happy Medical Center’s outgoing services. Each patient has the opportunity to call a doctor or a nurse at home.

Services that can be provided by outgoing services call:


  • Medical services

  • pediatrician consultationpediatrician consultation

  • family doctor consultation

  • psychotherapist call

  • Nursing

  • collection of material for laboratory research

  • medical manipulations

  • Additional services

  • electrocardiography


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Our doctors



pediatrist the highest category, pediatric gastroenterologist



obstetrician/gynecologist of the 1st category



urologist the 2d category, ultrasound specialist



ultrasound specialist the highest category

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Mobile application

The Healthy and Happy MC mobile application allows a patient to access the patient’s personal electronic medical record. Each authorized patient has the opportunity to view medical documentation, details of planned and completed visits, as well as addresses of all Healthy and Happy medical centers in Kyiv with the ability to build a convenient route for visiting.

Documentation that is displayed to the patient: advisory conclusion, laboratory test results, conclusions of X-ray, instrumental, hardware diagnostic results.

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